The ESHG Courses

During the last year, the Society has significantly expanded its course portfolio. ESHG has a long tradition of

providing courses that aim at young professionals in all areas and subspecialties of Human Genetics.

A number of courses are run at Bertinoro in Italy. These include annual courses in Medical genetics, and in Next Generation Sequencing, and bi-annual courses on Genetic Counseling, and on Ophthalmic genetics.

The dysmorphology course in Manchester has also become something of a tradition.

New additions have been set up for 2016 – 2017, notably courses on cardiac genetics, hereditary cancer, prenatal and preimplantation genetics, and statistical genetics.

The ESHG will provide fellowships to especially enable students from low-income countries to attend, in addition to those from more privileged countries who can pay their way.

With these new additions, a concerted programme of professional continued education is taking shape.

Below you will find a list of featured courses for the year 2016. More information is available on the ESHG website


Han Brunner

Chair, ESHG Education Committee

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