Georgian society of Medical Genetics and Epigenetics is a non-profit organization. Main activities of the society is public education and research. The aim of the society is to promote and enhance applications of Genetic sciences such as molecular genetics, epigenetics, cytogenetics, in the Medical practice in Georgia.

Medical genetics and epigenetics of the Society is a non-profit legal entity. Established in March 2014, the Department of Molecular and Medical Genetics University professors and supported the initiative. 58 persons are members of the society. Honorary members of the community are honored and foreign scientists. Our members work in the field of genetics, including clinical genetics, molecular genetics, epigenetics, cytogenetics, reproductive genetics,

Our aims are:

  • To promote research in the field of Human Genetics, Medical genetics and Epigenetics
  • To contribute to the development of application of genetic sciences in medical practice in Georgia
  • To contribute to the development of education and training programs in a field of genetics


  • Providing educational activities for the professional mastery and raising of qualification
  • Collaborates with local and international organizations
  • Promotes a healthy lifestyle
  • Conducts training seminars and scientific conferences
  • Supporting research for a  genetic diseases, promoting awareness of a specific disease, and educating the community about a disease, patient advocacy, among other activities
  • Consideration of the ethical, legal and social implications of advances in genetics particularly in the genetic testing and  research
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