DNA-DAY 2017 – GEORGIAN ESSAY CONTEST, The Winners have been announced

    For the third time, the Georgian Society of Medical Genetics and Epigenetics have been  organized DNA Day Essay contest 2017 in Georiga.

    Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 DNA Day Essay contest


    First Place Winner: GEL 300  

    Second Place Winner: GEL 200  

    Third  Place Winner: GEL 100


    All participants will receive a certificate  for their participation in the contest.
    1st Place Joneta Gvazava (TSMU) joneta photo 2nd place Nanuli Gvazava (TSMU)12036605_1037204596313140_5037579237586327975_n
    2nd place Lasha Jakeli (TSMU)12118619_926375694082348_8617853949954239627_n 3rd place Mamuka Asatiani (TSMU)18143177_1520776114622977_1510699900_n
    3rd place Ana Kurdadze (Agricultural University of Georgia)

    ანა ქურდაძე

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